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Mumbai, India13 Jobs

Netflix’s India operations are based in Mumbai, a city synonymous, the world over, with entertainment. Located in Bandra Kurla Complex, the office is Netflix’s newest, but is already home to team members from marketing, consumer insights, social media, communications, business development, and public relations.

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Netflix Mumbai: Roopa

Business Development

Business Development builds partnerships to get Netflix on popular device platforms to make it easy for consumers to discover and enjoy Netflix. Internally, our team is an exemplar... See more about this team

There are no current job openings on the Business Development Team

Content1 Jobs

Our content teams are responsible for acquiring, developing, and producing compelling stories for subscribers around the world. From TV series, film, kids programming, documentaries,... See more about this team

Security Manager, India

  • Mumbai, India
  • Content


Our Facilities Team ensures that all of Netflix’s buildings continue to function at a top notch level globally. Not only are they responsible for basic facility needs, but they deal... See more about this team

There are no current job openings on the Facilities Team

Financial Planning and Analysis

The FP&A team at Netflix is an embedded organization that helps to support and partner with all of the company’s functional departments in the areas of financial planning, forecasting... See more about this team

There are no current job openings on the Financial Planning and Analysis Team

Legal4 Jobs

The legal team at Netflix is focused on collaborating with our business partners to find effective, efficient solutions. From transactions to public policy to litigation to advice... See more about this team

Marketing2 Jobs

Marketing focuses on creating demand for the content you can only watch on Netflix. We view this a baton pass from one great title to the next so we are always part of the consumer zeitgeist... See more about this team

Media Engineering and Partnerships

The Media Engineering and Partnerships team is focused on guiding the film and television industry into the future and enabling a simple, scale-able, elegant path towards delivering... See more about this team

There are no current job openings on the Media Engineering and Partnerships Team

Partner Devices

The Partner Devices organization works with companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, and Sony to bring Netflix to TVs, phones, tablets, and Pay TV set-top-boxes worldwide. Our... See more about this team

Over 100 Million Devices and Counting: The Netflix Partner Device Team

There are no current job openings on the Partner Devices Team


The role of the Global Communications team is to enhance, protect and defend the company’s brand, business and people by getting the best possible media coverage of Netflix. We create... See more about this team

WeAreNetflix Podcast: Publicity at Netflix

There are no current job openings on the PR Team

Post Production2 Jobs

The Worldwide Post Production team partners with the Netflix Content Creative team and producers around the world across all facets of production – from prep through delivery - so... See more about this team

WeAreNetflix Podcast: Post Production

Product Creative1 Jobs

Millions of people around the world are entertained and moved by the stories they discover on Netflix. In Product Creative, we work together on a world-class platform that gives every... See more about this team

Title Operations Project Manager - India

  • Mumbai, India
  • Product Creative

Recruiting1 Jobs

The recruiting team at Netflix has an amazing and important responsibility - to find and hire amazing people to make Netflix great. We are champions of our Netflix culture, equal partners... See more about this team

Talent Acquisition at Netflix

Recruiter - India

  • Mumbai, India
  • Recruiting