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Our cozy London satellite office houses a small team dedicated to UK/Ireland market-focused functions across business development, marketing, partner marketing, social media and publicity. The London teams maintain strong ties to the global headquarters. The office is quite central, well connected and in close proximity to museums, restaurants, universities, cafes and shops in one of the most densely-populated cities in the world.

Legal1 Jobs

The legal team at Netflix is focused on collaborating with our business partners to find effective, efficient solutions. From transactions to public policy to litigation to advice and counsel, our lawyers are trusted advisors who help foster innovation.

Senior Counsel, Content & Brand IP (Europe)

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Legal

At Netflix, we are shaping the future of entertainment with one simple goal: to bring people joy.  Our international efforts have brought Netflix’s service and award-winning Originals programming to viewers in over 190 countries. To bring joy to global audiences, we need truly global content.  That doesn’t always come from Hollywood.  So our content legal team is in search of an experienced IP attorney in Europe to handle a wide range of IP issues that arise from the creation of Netflix original content across Europe.  In this position, working from Amsterdam or London, you will be the first Content IP lawyer outside of Los Angeles with a unique opportunity to launch (and eventually build!) a nimble team that will take the lead in Europe on things like rights acquisition, copyright, chain-of-title, title clearance, production clearance of content, IP enforcement, IP claims defense, moral rights, defamation, and trademarks.  This role will closely collaborate with the creative, business, marketing and other legal teams that work together to create Netflix’s great content. As a seasoned entertainment IP attorney, the breadth of your experience enables you to handle any situation that may be encountered on a production. You’ve seen it all and aren’t phased by the last minute surprises that inevitably arise when developing, shooting, or marketing a film, series or documentary.  You expertly navigate those situations while allowing your studio colleagues to fulfill their creative and business goals. You understand the dynamics among showrunners, executive producers, line producers, finance, post-production, marketing and creative, and know when and how to align the appropriate teams when IP issue arise. You’re comfortable evaluating risk with imperfect information and have the confidence to make quick decisions.  Your expert eye for detail and exceptional organizational talents mean that you are able to improve upon systems to gain efficiency. You are passionate about the entertainment industry and are excited to learn more about the business from a non-traditional perspective.  Above all, you have an opinion and are willing to voice it. The successful candidate will love working in an environment where freedom, responsibility, and curiosity are mandates.  That candidate will also thrive in an workplace that values thoughtful efficiency more than process, and innovation more than convention.The role will report to Senior Counsel, Content and Brand IP based in Los Angeles.  Frequent travel throughout Europe will be required, in addition to quarterly travel to California.

Marketing4 Jobs

Marketing focuses on creating demand for the content you can only watch on Netflix. We view this a baton pass from one great title to the next so we are always part of the consumer zeitgeist with something new and exciting to watch. This accumulation of must watch titles creates a tipping point for consumers - we have so much great content your friends are talking about that it triggers you to finally sign up for Netflix. To do this, we have built a global team of skilled marketers focused on making people excited for the next big Netflix title.

Social Media Manager, Netflix Originals

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Marketing

The Crown and Black Mirror are just two of the many series, films, docs and comedies streaming onNetflix that are produced in the UK. As our UK slate continues to grow, we're looking for a Social MediaManager to run the social media campaigns on behalf of these Netflix originals titles originating from theUK.At Netflix, we use social media to build entertainment brands. We take a long-term view and invest insocial fandom, versus constantly telling people what and when to watch. We build global fan communitiesbecause we believe that a Stranger Things fan in Argentina has more in common with a Stranger Thingsfan in Germany than the House of Cards viewer next door. Our approach is to make news headlines anddrive word of mouth around our titles through innovative campaigns and quick response all year long,versus pushing out a constant content calendar.The successful candidate will run title campaigns from start to finish, beginning with projectannouncement, moving through the production process, to launch and beyond, keeping our brandsvibrant all year long. As a global company operating in over 190 countries, this role requires a lot ofinternational collaboration as you partner closely with our regional social teams to find locally relevantways to get the world talking about what's on Netflix.The social manager role at Netflix is a blend of strategy and creative. The successful candidate willdisplay the curiosity to learn the Netflix business, analyse high volumes of information quickly, and usethese insights to drive the creative strategy around a title.

Manager Marketing UK

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Marketing

Netflix is the world’s leading internet entertainment service with over 109 million members in over 190 countries enjoying more than 140 million hours of TV shows and movies per day, including original series, documentaries and feature films. It's an amazing time to be joining Netflix as we continue to transform entertainment globally.We are looking for a seasoned Marketing Manager to join our UK team. If you're a passionate innovative entertainment and brand marketer with demonstrated experience in crafting and executing amazing creative consumer campaigns, we'd like to hear from you.The successful candidate will create and lead incredible marketing campaigns that will generate word of mouth and set new standards for entertainment marketing. The role will involve working closely with Social Media, Publicity and PR counterparts and international marketing and content peers.

Administrative Assistant - London

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Marketing

Netflix’s business in Europe is growing rapidly, and our UK teams are expanding to support our growing business in the market.  With that, we’re seeking a London based Administrative Assistant to support a group of Executives and their teams.  The successful candidate will be self-motivated, proactive, quick-thinking, flexible, and able to juggle multiple and diverse responsibilities with an unwavering attention to detail at all times. There are multiple functions housed in our London office, so a high level of organization and interest in working across multiple areas of the business is a must.  This is a small office that is growing quickly, so we need someone who can not only be great in their day to day work, but can identify opportunities to make the office overall more organized and efficient.  Someone who is curious, demonstrates significant initiative, and inherently exercises good judgement will be most successful both in the role and at Netflix.

Director, Global Creative Marketing

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Marketing

It’s an exciting time to join Netflix as we continue shaping the future of global entertainment. With 110 million streaming members in over 190 countries, we use insights and intuition to understand what makes a Netflix fan and then build marketing campaigns that get them excited enough to come and watch.We are actively promoting our original, exclusive content that is core to everything we do.We are looking to fill an integral role on the global creative marketing team for a Director of Global Creative Marketing. This is a great opportunity to join a team that leads the development and launch of innovative marketing campaigns across a diverse range of Original Series.  This particular team will operate as part of our UK office and partner with the UK marketing team.The RoleThis role is unique. So is the right candidate. As the number of UK based Netflix productions have grown, so has the need for a global creative marketer based in London. In this role, you will lead campaign strategy, execution and launch tactics for global series produced in the UK.  Experience working with British talent/filmmakers and a knowledge of the UK entertainment industry is a must.  Digital and Social media experience is critical. You will be a member of a small, seasoned and nimble group of professionals based in our London office, but working closely with our team in Hollywood.


The role of the Global Communications team is to enhance, protect and defend the company’s brand, business and people by getting the best possible media coverage of Netflix. We create awareness of Netflix and its attributes through storytelling across a wide-range of traditional earned media platforms; newspapers, magazines, TV and radio news.

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