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Inclusion & Diversity

Netflix’s greatest impact is in storytelling. Stories like 13th, Disclosure, Selena, Da 5 Bloods, Special and The Half of It broaden representation, empathy and understanding. We create and connect these stories to people all around the globe - removing the barriers of language, device, ability or connectivity. Better representation on-screen starts with representation in the office. Our work has to be internal first, so it can impact what we do externally. We believe we’ll do that better if our employees come from different backgrounds, and if we create an environment of inclusion and belonging for them.


Sowing the Seeds: Inclusion Takes Root at Netflix


2020 Inclusion Report

2020 Inclusion Report

Since 2017, we have been building the foundation for inclusion to take root within Netflix. Read what we’ve been up to in our 2020 Inclusion Report. Here, we provide a snapshot of representation within the company, how we plan to increase it, and how we cultivate a community of belonging and allyship.

Read the Report
2020 Inclusion Report

Employee Resource Groups

  • Accessibility

    People With Disabilities and Their Allies
  • AEN

    Asian and Pacific Islander Employees and Allies
  • Black@Netflix

    Black Employees and Allies
  • Dream@Netflix

    Immigrant Populations and Allies
  • L'Chaim

    Culturally Jewish Employees and Allies
  • Mental Health

    Destigmatizing Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Multicultural

    Employees Who Identify as Multicultural and Allies.
  • Pride@Netflix

    LGBTQ+ employees and allies
  • SomosNetflix

    LatinX Employees and Allies
  • Swana+

    Employees From Southwest Asia, North Africa, Neighboring Regions, and Allies
  • The Village

    Parent Employees, Caretakers and Allies
  • Trans*

    Trans, Non-binary, Gender Non-Conforming Employees and Allies
  • Vetflix

    Veteran Employees and Allies
  • Women@Netflix

    Women Employees and Allies
  • Indigenous@Netflix

    Indigenous, Native, First Nation Employees and Their Allies

Representation: Workforce Demographics for Q3 2021*

Since 2013, we’ve published diversity data quarterly here. We’ve made good progress, but we’re nowhere near where we want to be. Our inclusion recruiting programs team helps narrow our gaps in representation by: training our recruiting team on inclusive hiring, creating access for emerging talent, and building diverse networks by partnering with organizations and hosting events for potential candidates. You can dig deeper into the data in our 2020 Inclusion Report below, or into our U.S. EEO-1 filing by clicking here for 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

*Race/Ethnicity data is US only. Gender data is worldwide. All data is self-reported.