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Inclusion & Diversity

In the last decade, Netflix has been building the world’s leading internet TV network, offering great films and series from all over the world to members of all ages and tastes everywhere.

To achieve this we’ve assembled a high caliber team to create the cutting edge technology required to stream over 140 million hours a day globally as well as to push the boundaries of storytelling through a growing slate of original films, series, documentaries, and performances.

To move this fast to delight our 125 million + members around the world, Netflix relies on debate, candor, and diversity of thought. As we grow globally, we are looking for candidates from a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds to join the team and help us build an internet TV network.

While the conversation around these topics tend to usually focus on diversity as the solution to all problems, we realize that inclusion plays just as much of an important role, if not more. We believe we have to work from the inside out where if we create a space where all employees and all voices are heard, understood, and appreciated - great work will happen.

It takes diversity of thought, culture, background, and perspective to create a truly global internet TV network.

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Netflix Inclusion and Diversity

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