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Studio Engineers build business-to-business applications that power the Netflix Studio business. This is where all the wonderful movies and TV shows you’re familiar with, get made. These applications span across business activities like setting up contracts with talent, shooting and filming the actual shows, to workflows that help create metadata and trailers that help promote our movies and TV shows. This requires us to assemble a talented team across engineering disciplines ranging from cloud-scaling, API design, user interfaces, encoding/playback, machine learning, etc.

Planning and production of the titles

Netflix is revolutionizing the way a modern studio operates. Our mission in Studio Engineering is to build a unified digital studio that powers our global production of amazing content. We combine our entertainment knowledge and our technical expertise to provide innovative technical solutions from the initial pitch of an idea to the moment our members hit play for a given title. We are building software and systems to solve a wide gamut of problems, ranging from designing the optimal content catalog, to operations management for productions, to generating accurate financial forecasts. These enterprise tools are used by our business partners in Netflix Studios and by thousands of people across hundreds of productions. Essentially we help our studio manage its global content budget in an optimal way.

Our tools and products use state of the art cloud technologies and software techniques. Our engineering team is composed of people from various backgrounds. We leverage the best practices for building high scale systems that we have refined for our streaming product. We are also pioneering new techniques in data and entity management, since our studio workflows require up-to-date information on vendors, talent, users, budgets, productions, contracts, media assets etc. Workflows are built on top of these entities and are utilized across different business units and departments such as financial planning and accounting, legal, marketing, content strategy, production planning and post production.

The output of all of the above is digital content that gives voice to storytellers from all over the world, and that gives joy to viewers from all over the world.

Launch and promotion of titles

Promoting our titles happens on our consumer-facing product, and off the product through marketing. To help our members find the stories they’ll love, we need to connect users to the right content for them -- by creating trailers, artwork, subtitles and dubbing; metadata like synopsis and maturity ratings, etc. Our enterprise products are used by 50k+ users inside and outside of Netflix.

Our creatives need to scale the production of these promotional assets - millions of assets across 190 countries, in 40+ languages, and distributed across multiple platforms. Our products are used by a wide range of people such as video editors for creating trailers, linguists for subtitling, program managers who manage and mitigate scheduling risk for title launch, QC specialists who check the assets on Netflix, and others.

Our globally distributed marketing team needs our technology to effectively plan and execute their campaigns through owned, earned, and paid media - e.g. social media, press, and programmatic ads respectively. We solve a wide range of problems such as high-scale programmatic campaign management to help get non-members to sign up for Netflix, planning and executing our media campaigns, enabling efficient testing of marketing hypotheses, and more.

Launch and promotion of our titles on product

Marketing - promoting our titles off the Netflix product

Studio Infrastructure

No matter what or how you watch - whether it is American Factory on your mobile phone on a choppy cellular network or the high-octane Michael Bay film “6 Underground” on a high-end HDR TV - we are committed to driving efficiency and productivity in producing and delivering our content at the best picture and sound quality. To this end, this team is responsible for building the infrastructure that helps build applications to manage a production end-to-end; or pitch-to-play as we call it.

Content production is a very creative and collaborative process. We build infrastructure to solve a wide range of problems - logistics on a global production, storage and transfer or the large media assets straight from the camera, workflows that move the production to the final version, messaging and collaboration to drive the creative collaboration process, map-reduce like deep learning infrastructure and a rich set of complex media services supporting media inspection, compression and packaging. We do this all in the cloud using hundreds of thousands of instances and remote workstations running a suite of interconnected micro-services.

High quality media files are at the foundation of a great streaming experience. We build a robust and scalable encoding pipeline which is at the cutting-edge of media codecs, encoding algorithms, and perceptual metrics. We collaborate with academic and industry partners and standardization bodies to ensure that we continue to innovate to meet the future streaming needs of our members.

Featuring Apache Kafka in the Netflix Studio and Finance World

Media Management


Media Cloud Engineering
Media Cloud Engineering (MCE) is the platform team within the Content Engineering organization at Netflix. We enable engineers to focus on building an innovative, technology-powered studio by addressing cross-cutting concerns related to studio and media processing use cases. Examples of products and services in our portfolio: compute infrastructure to run massive scale media processing pipelines, services to manage media assets, orchestration platforms for complex studio workflows, infrastructure and services to support common studio requirements such as cross entity vertical search, audit logging and collaboration across the studio ecosystem.

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