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Netflix is a different type of company with a unique work culture and this requires a special team to tackle security. We support Netflix’s cultural values of Freedom and Responsibility by creating guardrails that guide the company to secure solutions rather than gates that would limit speed and innovation. We pioneer new frontiers in cloud security and content protection and we seek to share our techniques and concepts. Our team of stunning security professionals build and protect the systems that delight over one hundred million viewers worldwide.

Cloud Security4 Jobs

The Netflix Cloud Security team is responsible for the security of Netflix, its members, and its employees. Our approach to enabling rapid innovation while balancing risk is to build... See more about this team

Senior Software Engineer - Platform Security

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Cloud Security

Do you enjoy developing and running software in the cloud?  Are you particularly good at working on systems that are designed for reliability and scalability?  The Platform Security Team designs, creates, deploys, operates, and maintains some of the most critical services at Netflix.  You may have heard of our work at Usenix Enigma (2016, 2017) or QCon (2017).  Our projects include cryptographic key management, protecting secrets in code, enabling authentication and authorization between services, and distributed denial of service protection.  Our team is highly technical with strong backgrounds in both security and distributed systems engineering. As Netflix has expanded its global presence, the challenges and excitement are profound, especially from the security side. We want to stay ahead of the curve, so we're looking for a software engineer to help us create these scalable and resilient cloud services. As a member of the team, you will be working on software components that are critical to the stability of Netflix.  This spans from foundational services that are needed to bootstrap the Netflix cloud, to edge services that mitigate distributed denial of service attacks.  While security expertise is not required for this role, we do value a strong interest in security.

Studio Information Security Manager

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Cloud Security

Supporting Netflix’s rapidly growing original content portfolio, Netflix Studio Information Security (SIS) provides information security services to the studio organization throughout the production lifecycle. We are a cross-functional and highly agile team, working on everything from developing secure cloud-based production workflows to actively protecting our high-level talent from cyber attacks. THE ROLEIn this role, you will manage and grow the SIS team while partnering with leadership throughout our studio and enterprise. Your team will be the critical link between our studio teams and the Cloud Security organization. While this role is based in Hollywood, you and your team can expect frequent travel to our headquarters in Los Gatos, California as well as opportunities to travel internationally in support of our productions. Your team will manage security services including third party risk. You will have a significant SaaS security portfolio including security of our Google enterprise accounts. Your team will manage our enterprise vulnerability management program and will be responsible for security awareness efforts in Hollywood.QUALIFICATIONSYou will be a hands-on, technical security manager with direct responsibility for security engineers. You’ll need to rely on excellent oral and written communications skills to lead your team with global responsibilities. Ideally you have some experience with other studios and will enjoy approaching this industry in a new way. You may also leverage existing relationships with other studios, other security teams, and law enforcement to excel in your role. Most importantly, you’ll need an ability to network with other security professionals to find the best talent to build your team.COMPENSATIONNetflix offers an attractive compensation package consisting of base salary, stock options, 401K (with match), comprehensive benefits and relocation.REPORTING RELATIONSHIPThe Manager, Studio Information Security reports to the Netflix Director of Security.WORKING IN SECURITY AT NETFLIXWe are looking for thoughtful security professionals who enable our mission and support our culture of freedom and responsibility.  You can learn more about life at Netflix by watching our security talks or exploring our open source work.

Senior Security Engineer - Detection

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Cloud Security

Working with the Netflix Security Intelligence and Response Team (SIRT) you will tackle unsolved problems in detection and response. We have the opportunity to develop innovative approaches on a modern technology stack including Amazon Web Services and a Software-as-a-Service heavy corporate environment. This is where many companies want to be in five years, and we are solving these problems today. You will lead the product vision and implementation of a security detection and alerting program at Netflix. You will architect and deliver a platform that enables security teams at Netflix to create automated alert workflows and ensure the health and quality of alerting overall. You will help us avoid the traditional pitfalls of security alerting, and develop novel techniques to advance the state of the art in detection and response.

Senior Security Engineer, Application Security

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Cloud Security

Netflix has a unique and innovative culture that guides us to do things differently. This helps keep engineering velocity high, but also means that our security team needs to operate differently than a traditional security team. The two important aspects of the culture that affect how we operate are “Freedom and Responsibility” and “Context not Control”. Employees have tremendous freedom in their work, along with the corresponding responsibility to do the right thing for Netflix. Instead of controlling engineers with process and security gates, we enable them to create secure code and provide them with adequate security context to make the right decisions for Netflix.We are responsible for improving the security of Netflix produced software, primarily for applications deployed within our AWS cloud environment. We aren’t your typical Application Security team. In addition to driving high impact security initiatives for high risk product areas, we also spend a lot of time automating the identification of vulnerabilities across our AWS ecosystem. We aim to scale application security via self-service and automed visibility. While your primary background is in application security, you are passionate about using automation to scale application security. You are able to partner with cross-functional teams to deliver widely impactful security initiatives. You are a strong communicator and have experience  with threat modeling, security design reviews and security architecture. In this role, you will leverage your experience and technical security expertise to deliver application security solutions at Netflix scale. You will also help triage issues reported through our bug bounty program and participate in our product security incident response efforts.


Our content teams are responsible for acquiring, developing, and producing compelling stories for subscribers around the world. From TV series, film, kids programming, documentaries,... See more about this team

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Content Delivery

The Open Connect team plays a large role in the ongoing effort to invent and improve Netflix’s unique global internet TV experience. We build and deploy the infrastructure that delivers... See more about this team

There are no current job openings on the Content Delivery Team

Streaming Client1 Jobs

Streaming Client Engineering builds the Netflix application platform and streaming engine that runs on all Netflix devices, including laptops/desktops, phones/tablets, Smart... See more about this team

Senior Software Engineer, Device Partner Security

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Streaming Client

The Netflix device security team is growing and we want you to be part of it. This is not your typical security engineering job. We are an engineering team full of innovators, living on the cutting edge, creating solutions for a dynamic world and proactively evolving the security of an entire industry.THE OPPORTUNITYThe Netflix device security team is seeking a Senior Platform Security Engineer to represent Netflix to our device partners and work with internal engineering teams to architect new solutions to further the cause of platform security. The person in this role will proactively address security threats and evolve the device security ecosystem, working with OEMs, chip manufacturers and chip IP licensing companies to advance security technologies needed to keep our subscribers safe from the dangers of the open Internet.You will be responsible for the security of Netflix streaming devices, help device manufacturers design their hardware and software, and proactively evolve security requirements and implementations in SDK code as new threats to streaming security arise. Netflix has built a great reputation with our device partners and you will start out with a lot of influence in how they build products.