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Virtual Production

Netflix maintains a broad definition of Virtual Production that leverages real-time technologies as a means towards creative problem solving and an approach to production that connects all parts of the production process (pre through post).

The global Virtual Production team is at the forefront of production innovation - leading the strategy for enabling the utilization of real-time workflows in production at scale, with a focus on creative and production development, on-set technical guidance, and collaborating with a network of industry partners around the world.

We aim to empower our creative partners to successfully tell their story in new, exciting ways and help make the unproducible producible.

Creative Technologies

Optimizing the quality and efficiency of production techniques and their results without compromising the creative process across all types of projects presents significant challenges; but that’s what the Creative Technologies team does by setting technical requirements and best practices, driving new industry standards, and exploring the most advanced developments in professional and consumer technology.

Our engineers are subject matter experts who offer varied yet overlapping backgrounds in motion picture production, post-production, and distribution - audio, image science, editorial, cameras, encoding, virtual production, data management, visual effects, video distribution... We experiment, research, and advocate to evolve the creation tools and redefine the techniques of motion picture production to achieve new creative, operational, and technical heights.

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Digital Production

Digital Production is an emerging team that focuses on complex technical titles that aim to utilize real-time, LED stage technology, VFX, and volumetric capturing, etc, and merge digital techniques with physical production practices.

The Digital Production team provides production management expertise with virtual production technologies. We partner closely with creative and title management teams to help ensure that Digital Production titles are developed, set up, and executed effectively while leveraging production innovation to enhance filmmaking to help tell the best stories.

The Digital Production team is at the forefront of planning, designing, and constructing of our Production Innovation infrastructure builds which would include our global LED stage initiatives, working closely with Production Planning and Production Strategy & Operations teams.

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