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New Grad Program

Welcome, we’re excited for you to learn more about our entry-level new graduate roles!

Emerging Talent at Netflix

It’s no secret that we want to entertain the world. Whatever your taste, we give you access to best-in-class TV series, documentaries, feature films, and mobile games. In order to do that, we first must hire and develop the best people.

We currently hire new graduates into many different areas of Netflix across both technical and business functions within the United States.

Our New Grad Program

We want to set you up for success at Netflix. We’ve built a program for you to build community and connections at Netflix in your first year. You’ll also participate in programs to develop on-the-job skills. Examples include: technical education onboarding; professional development sessions on Netflix culture; personal well-being tips; core professional skills; career growth; and a variety of fun internal networking opportunities.

Where and When to Apply

Don’t see any open New Graduate roles on our site, yet? Don’t worry, we typically start posting roles around mid-August to early September, and will start accepting applications as soon as they go live. Once the role is open, you can apply directly on our jobs site.

The Interview Process

We want to learn more about your skills and the kind of work that excites you during your interview. Although your experience will be customized by role, here is a broad overview of what you can expect. New grad interviews at Netflix typically include a take-home assessment followed by two rounds of interviews, with advancement based on the feedback at each stage. Interviewers will evaluate your technical (if applicable), role-specific, and behavioral skills. This will help us align you with your Dream Team at Netflix.

How to Prepare for Interviews

  • Read up on our Culture Memo
    One special part of Netflix is our work culture. We encourage you to ask your interviewer(s) questions about our culture, so you can hear firsthand about what it’s like to work at Netflix. You may be asked about which aspects of the memo resonate most with you – or not – so be prepared. The memo is available in 13 languages.
  • Prepare to talk about your projects on your resume
    We want to hear about your projects, internships, and any community/organizations you are involved in. If you took part in internships or group projects, don’t be afraid to shine using the S.T.A.R. Method. The S.T.A.R. Method is a common framework that is used to explain a candidate’s past experiences. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. When thinking through a past experience, start by explaining the situation, then move on to the task that you were assigned. Continue by explaining the actions that you took, and then wrap up by sharing the results. We recommend having 4-5 examples, in the STAR framework, handy that will help us learn more about the work you contributed to.
  • Practice technical fundamentals (Software Engineering candidates)
    We want to see how well you code in your favorite language. Practice basic algorithms you’re familiar with and make sure to brush up on common data structures. It’s a good idea to create a real interview environment to practice in. For example, practice mock interviews with your friends, mentors, or family members, time yourself, and find a quiet area away from distractions.

Tips for a Successful Interview

  • Ask clarifying questions
    Similar to working on real projects, we usually have questions before we start. We are here to help clarify any ambiguities. Please use us as a resource and ask us any helpful questions.

  • Think out loud
    Share your thoughts with us! If we know what you are thinking, we can be a better partner to you. We would like this interview to be a collaborative experience.

  • Open to feedback
    If your interviewer is giving you feedback during the exercise, we recommend you reflect on it. You don’t need to agree with everything we say but articulate your reasons. Your analysis may just impress us!

  • If you are stuck, step back and re-evaluate
    If you work yourself into a corner and things are becoming harder than they should be, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your approach. Remember to think out loud. We may nudge you onto the right path if we know your thought process!

  • Don’t give up
    We want to work with someone with grit, determination, and a mindset to continually improve. When the going gets tough, do you have what it takes to continue? Be resourceful. Share your thoughts. Share where you are stuck. You will persevere!