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Alphaville, Brazil15 Jobs

Set in the state of São Paulo, Alphaville is home to numerous global firms and serves as a hub for our efforts across South America. As one of our first international markets and offices, the region and the team continue to play a vital role in our ongoing expansion internationally. Fueled by a love of TV, film, and the occasional afternoon cafezinho, our multicultural team is coming together in Alphaville to find new opportunities to bring audiences the best in both local and global entertainment.

Content1 Jobs

Our content teams are responsible for acquiring, developing, and producing compelling stories for subscribers around the world. From TV series, film, kids programming, documentaries,... See more about this team

Tech Ops Specialist, LATAM (Brazil)

  • Alphaville, Brazil
  • Content

Content Delivery

The Open Connect team plays a large role in the ongoing effort to invent and improve Netflix’s unique global internet TV experience. We build and deploy the infrastructure that delivers... See more about this team

There are no current job openings on the Content Delivery Team

Finance2 Jobs

The Finance organization at Netflix provides the business the foundation it needs to accomplish the big initiatives Netflix has set out. As the company rapidly expands globally... See more about this team

Accounts Payable Specialist, Brazil

  • Alphaville, Brazil
  • Finance

LATAM Payroll Specialist

  • Alphaville, Brazil
  • Finance

Financial Planning and Analysis1 Jobs

The FP&A team at Netflix is an embedded organization that helps to support and partner with all of the company’s functional departments in the areas of financial planning, forecasting... See more about this team

Production Finance Manager, International Originals - Brazil

  • Alphaville, Brazil
  • Financial Planning and Analysis

Marketing1 Jobs

Marketing focuses on creating demand for the content you can only watch on Netflix. We view this a baton pass from one great title to the next so we are always part of the consumer zeitgeist... See more about this team

Post Production2 Jobs

The Worldwide Post Production team partners with the Netflix Content Creative team and producers around the world across all facets of production – from prep through delivery - so... See more about this team

Post Partner Engagement Manager, Latin America

  • Alphaville, Brazil
  • Post Production

Post Facility Integration Specialist - LATAM

  • Alphaville, Brazil
  • Post Production

PR3 Jobs

The role of the Global Communications team is to enhance, protect and defend the company’s brand, business and people by getting the best possible media coverage of Netflix. We create... See more about this team

There are no current job openings on the Production Team