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Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland is the home for two Netflix Games studios: Next Games and Moonloot Games.

The Finnish gaming market has taken the world by storm, with some of the world’s most successful games coming from Finland. The country’s capital city, Helsinki alone is home to over 50 gaming companies and the world’s most active IGDA chapter. That is a lot for a small country. There must be something in the water?

The answer to why Finland is able to produce such great games lies in the culture and the society itself. Inarguably, Helsinki is Europe’s heart of game development with a superb quality of life, easily navigable, big enough and active, but still a human-sized metropolitan area, well-functioning society, clean environment and close proximity to nature. Our office is located in the center of downtown Helsinki, reachable with easy commute.

The games industry culture in Finland is like no other. Active game developer communities have always been a distinctive feature of the ecosystem. The local culture is about the community together, not companies or individuals competing against each other. It is about belonging, respect of work life balance, empowerment, striving for excellence and rooting for each other and so much more.

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