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Network and CDN Strategist

  • Alphaville, Brazil
  • Video Encoding and Streaming
Netflix is responsible for over 35% of peak Internet traffic in many countries and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Netflix Brazil Content Delivery provides the best end-user quality of experience possible through efforts with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to maximize throughput and minimize congestion via interconnection and Open Connect Appliance (OCA) deployments. Additional details on our efforts are available at
Job Description
The primary responsibilities of this role are to develop and maintain relationships with small and medium-sized ISPs in Latin American countries to optimize Netflix end-user experience through peering relationships and OCA deployments. We are looking for an exceptional leader from the Spanish speaking countries in Latin America with deep technical expertise who can facilitate our growth with our ISP partners and help us to understand more deeply the markets in the region. 
• Manage projects with Netflix partners including tracking and migration of ISPs and the import and migration of equipment using third-party logistics companies
• Provide regular updates and forecasts to ISP partners on traffic and experience metrics
• Identify ISP augment needs through Ongoing monitoring of interconnection and OCA capacity
• Interact with the Netflix CDN operations team on deployments and upgrade activities
• Travel up to 30% including partner visits, conferences, and Netflix events in the Americas

• strong background in Internet protocols such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, BGP, and SNMP
• communicate with technical, business, logistics and legal contacts in Spanish and English. Portuguese as a plus.
• deep knowledge of the Internet market in Latin America (ISPs, IXs, carriers etc.)
• ability to adjust quickly to the dynamic scene of the region
• understand how a CDN system works
• strong time management skills to work with many projects in parallel
• negotiate contract terms with vendors and suppliers
•creatively resolve issues with shipment, receipt, payments and transfer of network hardware and servers 
• install, maintain, and migrate hardware in third-party data center environments
• use excel and/or google sheets at an expert level for data analysis and presentation
• evaluate data and present reports to a variety of audiences
• ability to communicate in Portuguese
• experience working with content providers/CDNs
• statistics skills for data analysis and reports.

Ability to:
• see a problem or opportunity and act on it independently
• be a self starter
• know when to escalate
• successfully manage vendor relationships
• find the solution that no one else thought of
Our culture is unique and is a key part of our approach to innovation. You'll be a critical person in a high-performance organization that's really, truly changing how the world watches movies and TV. Our mad dash to integrate Netflix into all devices was just the start, now things start to get interesting...

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