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Senior Software Engineer - Web Video Playback Engine

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Client Applications
Join the team that brings the Web’s most seamless video playback experience and see your work reach over one hundred million customers around the world!


The Browser Playback team implements the media streaming engine for browsers, the Windows 10 app, Chromecast devices, and internal studio production tools.  Our technology stack is built on top of HTML5 web standards like Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), and Typescript. Today, we support all major browser vendors and work closely with them to design and incorporate new technologies like Ultra HD 4K on Windows 10 and VP9 encoding that advance the state of the art for video streaming.

As part of our day-to-day work we collaborate with backend engineering, encoding, security, data science and analytics teams to deliver the best possible video streaming experience. Additionally, we partner with our UI and product counterparts to enable video playback to all parts of Netflix, bringing to life innovative experiences like interactive storytelling. (Did you see Bandersnatch? We helped build it!)


  • You thrive when working at all phases of the software development lifecycle: planning, design, implementation, deployment and production support.
  • You effectively drive technical collaboration and communication with internal and external engineering teams.
  • You are curious, proactive, and independent.
  • You have experience with modular JavaScript/TypeScript/Node.js, asynchronous constructs, functional paradigms, object-oriented design and programming, and unit testing.
  • You address complex architectural problems with simple, intuitive design that results in a maintainable code base.
  • You refactor code opportunistically (you are comfortable changing tires on a moving vehicle).
  • You have experience with or are excited to learn about, building streaming media applications.


Excited and ready for a new adventure? Join us!

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