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Senior Software Engineer, Productivity Engineering

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Cloud and Platform Engineering
We have more than 130 million paying members in virtually every country watching billions of hours of content a month; and we're just getting started!  We have an Emmy-winning engineering organization that's reinventing the way people around the world discover, watch, and share TV shows and movies.

As Netflix’s infrastructure grows in complexity to support our expanding user base, so does our need to provide high-leverage tooling for increasingly complex developer workflows. In order to address this need, we built newt, a developer-centric tool that empowers developers to create, build, test and ship code using multiple languages and platforms. 

We strive to abstract complex developer needs and weave them into streamlined workflows, enabling our engineers to become more productive despite growing complexity. As the development team behind newt, we have a unique perspective into how code is built at Netflix, allowing us to optimize the experience for big parts of our engineering org and to provide high-leverage value for many interesting use-cases.

We are looking for a passionate and self-motivated engineer who enjoys learning from and collaborating with other teams, sharing best practices, and coming up with innovative solutions that reimagine how developers ship code.

We need you to:

  • Be self-motivated, and bias toward autonomy
  • Have great verbal and written communication skills
  • Be able to drive cross-functional efforts, engaging directly with customers and co-workers
  • Understand, and deeply focus on, the real-world benefit your products will have on your customers
  • Be a power-multiplier by identifying and developing ideas that make developers more productive
  • Be a quick learner who is comfortable adapting to new languages and technologies
  • Be passionate about tackling difficult problems and coming up with simple solutions
  • Work at all phases of the software development lifecycle (planning, design, implementation, deployment and support)
If this sounds like something you’d want to tackle, we’d love to talk to you!  

Netflix Culture
To learn more about Netflix culture, see We are excited to discuss with you how it applies to our team, and how Netflix values permeate our approach to work.