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Senior Software Engineer, Security

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Streaming Client
Working in the Streaming Security Engineering organization, you will work on the focused and dedicated team that designs and implements the security solutions used on hundreds of millions of client devices. Security and trust are crucial to the Netflix business model. We use strong cryptography to meet business requirements like protecting customer privacy, protecting content as well as the Netflix service itself. We are part of an engineering organization that treats security as an integral part of product development and have a team of security engineers who know enough about the business to make the right decisions about product security. We want you to be one of those engineers: you’ll have a huge impact and the opportunity to make a difference.

The Opportunity
Our team is looking for someone to help centralize content policy enforcements and take them to the next level. You will help ensure we effectively migrate existing policies to a new implementation and enhance them by integrating additional decision factors such as contextual client behavior.

You will foster collaborative relationships with your peers at Netflix. You will be a solution designer, a software engineer, and a policy champion. You will understand and represent the trade-offs between user experience and security requirements. Consistent with our culture of freedom and responsibility you will be empowered to make things happen.

If You Have..

  • Expertise as an accomplished software engineer and can apply those talents to policy enforcement.
  • Savvy enforcing policy and even better if that savvy is directly related to streaming content.
  • Deep understanding of cryptography applied to authentication and implicit and explicit roots of trust. 
  • Passion and mastery needed to utilize machine-learning technologies to model suspicious behavior and interest in  utilizing it for adaptive policy enforcement.
  • Curiosity and dedication to learning and are able to apply new knowledge in a pragmatic and timely manner.

If You are Interested in OR If you Enjoy..

  • Employing an adversarial mindset to create relevant policy enforcements.
  • Building ways to authenticate the identity of an entity (carbon and silicon based).
  • Designing and implementing content-related authorization policies based on a wide range of inputs such as user attributes, content attributes, streaming client attributes, client behaviors and business needs.
  • Identifying, promoting and executing a practical balance between user experience, security needs and business needs.
  • Being a principal contributor in highly cross-functional efforts who is not afraid to step into a leadership role.
  • A natural inclination to work within a culture that is fast-paced, dynamic, and self-directed.

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