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Science and Analytics Leader, User and Content Innovations

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Data Science and Engineering
At the heart of Netflix Product Innovations is an experimentation driven culture led by Science & Analytics (S&A).  In this role, you will lead teams of data scientists and analysts responsible for shaping UI and Content Innovations decisions through experimentation (A/B, quasi) and empirical studies to guide product strategy.   

Here are (just a few of) the questions this S&A team is tackling at the moment:

  • With the growth of Originals, our catalog is becoming less familiar to our members.  Our product needs to prepare for this future state by going beyond driving discovery to driving understanding of Original content to members. How do we measure and optimize our user interfaces (and algos) for this?
  • How do we measure the value of the download feature in mobile apps and improve its adoption amongst members?
  • Currently, Netflix content launches all at once, on Tuesdays and Fridays.  As our programming portfolio diversifies from series and films to talk shows, game shows, short forms, and perishable content, what should be the optimal launch cadence in the product for these types of shows?
  • Can we infer the value of a given decision by studying user response time (the time between a person being presented with a decision and their taking it) and leverage these findings to optimize future interactive content?


  • Set an impact-focused, strategic science roadmap to guide product innovations.
  • Recruit and inspire exceptional data scientists focused on the span of causal inference, behavioral research, and analytical activities.
  • Uphold the culture of rigor in product decision-making through active participation in product debates.
  • Lead and contribute to cross functional initiatives between product development (product management, design, engineering), content, and marketing.
  • Define a team culture that balances supporting high impact business needs with forward looking research.
  • Serve as thought partner to product development executives across product management, engineering, and design.


  • PhD / MS degree in a quantitative or computational field.
  • 5+ years experience in building and inspiring a high-performing data science and analytics team.
  • Capacity and passion to translate business objectives into actionable analyses, and analytic results into business and product recommendations
  • Strong communication skills to partner with range of stakeholders from business to creative to technical.
  • A passion for TV and movies and defining the future of entertainment.

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