APAC Screenings/Theatrical Operations Manager- Originals Publicity

  • Singapore, Singapore
  • PR
We are seeking an individual to lead the asset creation and technical coordination efforts for screenings and theatrical distribution. The successful candidate will have an expertise in post production, theatrical screenings and distribution/operations with experience working on promotional events where flexibility is crucial for success. They will be responsible for the creation, coordination and on-site experience for screenings and theatrical distribution of Netflix content. We need a team player who is eager to work across departments to establish workflows and best practices to plan and execute great screening and theatrical experiences for our content.
The Role
A successful candidate will be self-motivated, proactive, quick-thinking, flexible, able to pivot when necessary, thorough and able to juggle multiple and diverse responsibilities with a strong emphasis on organization and an unwavering attention to detail at all times. This is a demanding and fast moving position that requires someone who is a proactive and positive thinker, and able to exercise good judgment, initiative and communication skills.
This job is based in Singapore and reports to the Screenings Manager, Originals Publicity based out of Los Angeles, CA.
Here at Netflix, we don't have rules and regulations. We hire adults who act responsibly on the resources and freedom they are given to do their work, and we expect high performance in return.

Responsibilities of the role include:

  • Work with Netflix internal post production and third party post production companies/vendors to create screening assets including, but not limited to, DCPs, BluRays, DVDs and digital files
  • Work with the Netflix cross-functional teams to create, communicate and implement best practices and workflow for the ordering, fulfilling and execution of screening assets
  • Oversee scheduling, tracking, and verification of domestic and international deliveries of screening and theatrical assets to venues
  • Communicate effectively with various cross functional teams to ensure proper planning, availability and delivery of material
  • Maintain, curate, and expand a global network of digital cinema mastering and distribution facilities and technical vendors 
  • Liaise with filmmakers to complete cuts/edits necessary for the creation of screening assets, as well as coordinate the proper QC of a final asset
  • Oversee digital cinema audio/visual engineers responsible for providing technical support for premieres and special screenings
  • Coordinate and oversee the design and execution of large digital cinema installations for premieres and screenings worldwide, which include projection and theater sound systems

Skills and Requirements:

  • 8+ years experience at a network or studio 
  • Technical expertise in DCP creation and knowledge of DCI-Compliance standards
  • Familiar with the current trends and workflows for both UHD/4K, HDR, 2K and Dolby Atmos, Vision, 7.1 and 5.1 audio formats
  • Experience working with PR/promotional teams/events & theatrical distribution and operations
  • Understanding of how to prioritize and respond accordingly
  • Ability to handle high volume of complex projects and tasks for multiple people and departments simultaneously and manage competing priorities
  • Must be able to work independently, make sound decisions, think strategically, and maintain accuracy and attention to detail
  • Must possess solid organizational, effective time management and excellent verbal and written communication skills to communicate effectively with internal and external teams
  • Experience working with international markets is preferred
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin, Hindi, Korean, or Bahasa Indonesia
To succeed at Netflix, the candidate must also possess the following characteristics:

Demonstrate the ability to think innovatively-connecting the dots when others cannot. Able to make the leap from information to insight. Able to identify, nurture and help refine compelling creative ideas and concepts.
Succinct Communicator
Great writer and clear talker. Can organize, summarize, clarify and communicate ideas simply, succinctly and accurately. Has a quick intelligence, is fast on the feet and quickly responds to issues and questions. Says it like it is; not wrapped in political niceties.
Pragmatic, Organized and Detailed
Has a big capacity to both think and 'do'. Flourishes in a 'hands on' role, adding value at different levels. Is strong on detail and highly organized.

A Smart Minimalist
Keeps things simple. Knows that global communications can be made complex---and will resist and prevent that.
Has a Point of View
An independent thinker willing and able to express and support a point of view.
Moves at a nice clip and enjoys having multiple projects going at once. Can change course, be scrappy and get things done within short timeframes.
Has sound judgment, and will question actions inconsistent with company values.

Moderate to extensive travel -