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Manager, Film Communications

  • Los Angeles, California
  • PR
Do you live and breathe entertainment? Do you stay ahead of the curve and take in the latest films and TV shows across different platforms?  Are you motivated by seeing your PR strategy have a direct impact on the overall business goals? Do you want to help tell the story of Netflix Films? Do you enjoy shaping communications strategy and messaging? If this resonates, then the opportunity to join our originals publicity team and work on our growing film initiative could be the job for you!

The Opportunity
It’s the chance to be on the ground floor with a team that will handle films for the online leader, changing the perception of original films and how they should be enjoyed and celebrated.  It’s a chance to be fearless and unconventional, try new things, lean into the unknown and turn a film publicity campaign on its head.  It’s an opportunity where you actually get to experience the direct impact your work has on the business.

Fueled by the broad appeal of being able to instantly enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows, Netflix has grown to have over 130 million streaming members in over 190 countries.

The Role
The Manager of Film Communications will work across several different disciplines that are bringing original films to fruition here at Netflix. They will primarily help set and implement communications strategy and craft messaging for the film teams and executives, pitch brand stories for multiple films, while also managing executive appearances and crisis communications. The ideal candidate is not just a film publicist, but a Netflix publicist, representing and understanding our brand. They must have a solid business acumen and a strong work ethic. This leader will understand the film market, be intellectually curious about entertainment and technology, and relate that knowledge to their work. They are candid and direct, even when that approach might be controversial.  

This role requires close work with cross-functional stakeholders to identify and develop dynamic narratives. The right person for this role has a passion for entertainment and film, has strong and deep relationships among relevant press and cultural personnel, is an expert storyteller and writer, and is equally comfortable working individually and as a member of a team.  The position will play a critical role on what will be a four-person team, so the responsibility really is wide-ranging and tasks can shift day to day.  The ideal candidate has a proclivity toward strategy, goal-setting, problem-solving, and driving momentum.  

Overall responsibilities and expectations for the position include but are not limited to:

  • Provide big-picture thinking and leadership to continuously elevate the Netflix film initiative and executives
  • Acts as a spokesperson and liaison between the organization and the media
  • Identify issues and opportunities for the company to be “in front of,” and cultivate the company’s executives as spokespersons on these topics
  • Determine strategic and opportunistic PR initiatives, events, conferences and programs and develop programs that will increase exposure for the Netflix film brand as well as reinforce its image
  • Create plans to elevate the Netflix films profile in trade and consumer press
  • Handle crisis-response issues timely, calmly and brilliantly
  • Analyzes strategy on an ongoing basis, provides regular reports to leadership and proactively adjusts and refines strategy as necessary
The ideal candidate is a strong leader familiar with the Netflix culture deck and is eager to work among like-minded colleagues and embrace the company's philosophies. They will have at least 6 years of media or entertainment experience and will have past experience in helping create, shape, execute and manage entertainment trade/consumer communications strategy, both on the corporate/executive side and the film campaign side. The ideal candidate is high energy, has strong relationship-building capabilities and a capacity to work in a very fast-paced environment. They will have current experience working hands-on with US media and filmmakers/talent alike.  She or he will have exemplary media relations, particularly with trade/industry press in both Los Angeles and New York. They have the ability to translate complex technical material and marketing messages into user friendly communications for external audiences.

To succeed at Netflix, the candidate must also possess the following characteristics:

Demonstrated ability to think innovatively—connecting the dots when others cannot. Able to make the leap from information to insight. Able to identify, nurture and help refine compelling creative ideas and concepts.

Succinct Communicator
Great writer and clear talker. Can organize, summarize, clarify and communicate ideas simply, succinctly and accurately. Has a quick intelligence, is fast on their feet and quickly responds to issues and questions. Says it like it is; not wrapped in political niceties.

Pragmatic, Organized and Detailed
Has a big capacity to both think and ‘do’. Flourishes in a ‘hands on’ role, adding value at different levels. Is strong on detail and highly organized.

A smart minimalist
Keeps things simple. Knows that global communications can be made complex---and will resist and prevent that.

Has a Point of View
An independent thinker willing and able to express and support a point of view.

Moves at a nice clip and enjoys having multiple projects going at once. Can change course, be scrappy and get things done within short time frames.

Has sound judgment, and will question actions inconsistent with company values.

An Adult
Is a mature, fully-formed adult with a happy, well balanced life. Is motivated by what is best for Netflix.

Netflix offers an attractive compensation package consisting of base salary, stock options, 401K (with match), comprehensive benefits and relocation.