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Senior UI Engineer - Content Creative Engineering

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Client Applications
Netflix is reinventing the way the world watches movies and television. Over 148 million members around the globe already enjoy our award-winning content, but most of our growth still lies ahead. To support this, we continue to expand our content budget and are experiencing hyper-growth within our Content Engineering team.

About Us
Content Creative UI Engineering is a part of our larger Content Engineering team. We build and maintain the web applications that enable content creators to promote and analyze content that entertains and informs over 125 million Netflix viewers. We’re responsible for a large suite of UI Applications that cover all aspects of setup, acquisition, fulfillment, management, and publishing needed for content to go live. Our team builds user interfaces that are used both internally at Netflix and externally by our content and fulfillment partners, creative agencies, and freelancers who collaborate with us to curate one of the world’s best entertainment catalogues.

About You

  • You are a continuous learner who collaborates well with partners and teammates, and willing seeks help.
  • You show initiative and pragmatism in your creation of quality user experiences that deliver business value.
  • You enjoy working within the JavaScript & Node ecosystems to build scalable applications and reusable modules using tools like: npm, Express, and webpack.
  • You enjoy web development, working with the DOM and CSS, learning new APIs, and discovering creative ways to improve our user experiences.
  • When architecting an application, you choose well vetted and supported tools like Redux and React that simplify code and improve its testability.
  • You leverage tools that promote modular and component-based architectures, such as React, Ember, Vue, and Angular.
  • You value code that is performant and easy to read and sensibly evaluate new language features and programming principles before adoption.
  • You are able to read and write tests, hold code coverage in high regard, and can explore and propose ways to incrementally improve code quality.
  • You are curious about the middleware, APIs, and tools supporting our applications.

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