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Engineering Manager, New Technology Integration

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Partner Devices
The Company and Product Strategy: 
Instant, high quality streaming on a vast array of devices is a core part of Netflix's strategy for the future.  We partner with device manufacturers and service providers to make this happen.  Our first partner product to support instant streaming to TVs was launched in May 2008 -- almost 10 years later, the Netflix application is available on well over two hundred million individual devices worldwide. Our partnerships include global device manufacturers, like Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, and LG, as well as many of the world’s largest operators, like Comcast, Virgin Media, and Orange. The Netflix Device Platform makes this possible. 
The team:
In order to help our partners add the Netflix streaming service to their devices, we work very closely with these engineering teams around the world to quickly integrate our application and closely monitor the quality of the result. A major differentiator for Netflix is that we provide tools that assist our partners with the integration of our application as well as helping them to assess the quality of their efforts.  These tools are a combination of hardware, cloud and embedded software, as well as integrated IoT devices. Building and operating the technologies that deliver a reliable environment for these toolsets across hundreds of partner sites, on six continents, is the goal of this team. 
The Opportunity:
If you enjoy charting your own course and building a team to help achieve an industry-leading vision, this is the role for you… It’s a fantastic opportunity to shape and grow an industry leading technical capability and vision!  You will have the autonomy to build and lead a team of experienced embedded systems engineers and full-stack tool developers -- The mission?  Building, integrating, and introducing game-changing new capabilities that allow us to get the Netflix application onto more devices, faster, with higher levels of quality!  These solutions will likely be integrated collections of purpose-built hardware, software, and cloud services.  You will need to work cross functionally with internal technical teams as well as external partner teams to ensure we can scale our tools and technology across a large global partner ecosystem. That ecosystem includes 7 year old set top boxes, 30 dollar streaming sticks, and high end 4k HDR smart TV’s.  The technologies you use will be broad -- covering custom hardware development and deployment, low-level embedded systems development in C and C++ to back-end cloud microservice architectures using Node, Java, Kafka, Cassandra and more.  You will lead an amazing team and you will be empowered to make things happen.  When you see the joy that viewers around the world derive from their Netflix experience, you will take pride in the fact that your team’s tooling helped make that integration possible.

Skills & Attributes

  • You are a bright, humble, inspirational leader who understands how to help your team get things done.
  • You’re passionate about people and have the self-confidence to work in an environment that favors context over control.
  • You’re comfortable developing, advocating, and driving new architectures and solutions.
  • You’re capable of truly listening to partners, internalizing their needs, then building elegant solutions that surprise them with simplicity and make them smile.
  • You have a deep understanding and appreciation for the processes involved in delivering consumer electronics devices or deploying large service provider architectures, and where tools can help… or hurt.
  • Ideally, you have a background in one or more of the following: full stack software development, embedded systems development, test and verification systems, monitoring and operational support systems, development and deployment of IoT devices, and/or providing tooling that supports these efforts.
  • You have experience with cloud technologies and the architecture of cloud systems.  
  • You are happy to transcend conceptual UI boundaries, creating experiences that exhibit the concise simplicity of a command line, but when needed can summon the rich visualization capability typically found in a GUI.
  • You enjoy working in a highly cross-functional leadership role, facilitating and setting context for the contributions of your stunning colleagues.
  • You are proactive, seeking the best solutions for the company.
  • You have a B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science, or comparable work experience.
  • You are a seasoned professional, with 10+ years of industry experience.