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Senior Software Engineer - Demand Engineering

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Cloud and Platform Engineering
Demand Engineering optimizes Netflix’s availability, latency, and cost by shaping resource demand for cloud services through steering traffic and scaling systems. We proactively optimize for user experience and reactively mitigate incidents through regional evacuation. We have a lot of fun problems to solve, a scale that makes them challenging, and a culture that gives us the freedom to pursue what is best.
Our team sits in the middle of the action at Netflix. Imagine what would happen if we performed a region evacuation and a bunch of services weren’t scaled properly - we’d have a big outage on our hands very quickly. Changing the steering for 130+ million customers within 7 minutes and without missing a beat is no easy task, but it is just one aspect of what we think about. Steering and scaling are powerful tools to influence the availability and latency of Netflix during normal operations as well.

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Who you are

  • You love to code
  • You are intensely curious about how systems operate and fail at scale
  • You reflect on design choices and trade-offs you have made
  • You insightfully draw connections between minutiae of implementation details and emergent system behavior
  • You think freely and independently, and are ready to share your view
  • You are humble and eager to learn from mistakes and you socialize the lessons learned
  • You can argue both sides of most disagreements

What you’ll do

  • Write code to support our existing solutions, most of which happen to be in Python
  • Study the problems in our space
  • Create new solutions and see them through, from conception to production
  • Perform regional evacuation


  • You have built or contributed to a variety of systems, ideally in different technologies
  • Experience with microservice architectures and/or the nitty-gritty of low-level concurrency concerns
  • Strong software design and development skills in modern programming languages
  • Willingness to be part of an on-call rotation for regional evacuation.

Nice to have

  • Experience with multi-site high availability
  • Experience with dynamic scaling
  • Experience with internet-scale infrastructure