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Recruiting Researcher - Creative Content

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Human Resources

Netflix has changed not only the way the world consumes content, but also how that content is created. In keeping with this  spirit of innovation, our talent department isn’t a simple “reviewing resumes and screening candidates” function. Instead, it is a true partner to the business, counted on to provide insight about the way our teams should grow and to make meaningful assessments about both the business acumen and culture fit of prospective Netflix hires. We are a company committed to bringing aboard only world class professionals, even as we grow at breakneck pace, and that mission begins with talent acquisition.

Currently, we are seeking an entertainment-savvy recruiting researcher to work with our content team and focus especially on some of the most rapidly expanding verticals including original film, long and short form family content, and content acquisition among others. While this individual is expected to source candidates, it is not a sourcer role as it exists at other companies. The recruiting researcher will interface with key decision-makers across our studio, partner closely with in-house recruiters, and engage in conversations with industry leaders, evaluating their ability, and helping to shape the future of our creative initiatives.

The Role
This researcher will be responsible for uncovering candidates not already known to us, no small task in a business that can be especially insular. An understanding of the entertainment industry -- how it works and who works within it, both individuals and companies -- is of paramount importance. You should know the major agencies, studios, and production companies and be familiar with how they interact. You already know which production companies, for example, have deals with which studios, what the film development and production process entails, and how the series production process is different from that of features. While you don’t have creative aspirations yourself, you are deeply passionate about creative entertainment content and relish the idea of having meaningful conversations with creative professionals about their work in television and film across all genres and formats.

At the same time, qualified candidates will be able to think strategically and creatively to supplement their pre-existing knowledge by creating target lists of companies and industry professionals they may not yet know. This requires the ability to understand the way our teams are growing, what a new role on one of those teams is likely to entail, and to utilize everything from internet research to trade papers to strategic networking to generate new ideas about where we might find the best as yet untapped content development, supervision, and acquisition professionals from around the world. You will be charged with identifying the creative and business executives who will most actively shape the content we create.  

Desired Qualifications

  • At least 3-5+ years of professional experience
  • Background in the filmed entertainment space, in recruiting or, ideally, some experience in both
  • Strong intellectual curiosity and a desire to understand the business at large, individual team initiatives, and the factors that motivate individual contributors  
  • A natural inclination to work within a culture that is fast-paced, dynamic, and especially autonomous
  • Exceptional communication skills and proactivity
  • An ability to roll up their sleeves as needed, taking on both rote tasks (submission of formalized feedback, drafting of offer letters, etc) and higher profile endeavors with equal grace and willingness
  • Strong organization and clear attention to detail