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Senior Software Engineer - Cloud Database Engineer

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Cloud and Platform Engineering
Netflix is looking for a Senior Engineer to work in our Cloud Data team. The Cloud Database Engineering team at Netflix is responsible for providing extremely reliable, efficient infrastructure for persistent and volatile data for all of Netflix. We work at tremendous scale (hundreds of TB at the caching layer alone, and multiple PB of data in the persistence layer), and must continually be able to plan for more.

As our number of subscribers continues to grow, and as we scale up in different regions around the world, Netflix depends on the CDE group’s ability to adapt to constantly changing data and product needs.  As stewards of all of Netflix’s data, we strive to provide performant, forward thinking solutions that will enable our subscribers across the globe to experience our content for years to come.

What you’ll be doing:

  • You’ll be helping to improve existing persistent and volatile data storage applications (like Dynomite and EVCache), as well as building out new solutions for Netflix’s ever-changing data needs.
  • You’ll be helping us to plan out our cloud data infrastructure going forward as we scale up internationally.  
  • You’ll be participating at the core committer level in open source projects like EVCache and Dynomite (and any other great ideas you come up with).
  • Working in the critical path, you’ll be a vital part of a team that creates and maintains tier 0 services for Netflix application developers.  

Why you’ll succeed:

  • You find the challenges encountered at very large scale to be fascinating and stimulating.
  • You have a wealth of extensive experience as a backend engineer, writing in Java, C++ or the like.
  • You understand the complexities of distributed development.
  • You are an extremely self-motivated person with an eye for automating humans out of most equations (thoughtfully, mind).
  • You frequently feel that, whatever you’re doing, there’s probably a better way to do it.
  • You take inclusivity as seriously as we do, and enjoy working with brilliant people from all walks of life, understanding how to respectfully engage and collaborate with colleagues regardless of any differences of perspective or experience.