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Senior Data Scientist - Content Delivery Network

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Science and Analytics

Netflix is the world’s leading internet television service, with millions of members watching over 100 million hours of content every day. On the internet, those hours translate to tens of terabits per second flowing out of Open Connect, our distributed global Content Delivery Network (CDN) serving 100% of Netflix video and over a third of downstream internet traffic at primetime in North America. 

Open Connect is a complex and critical system component providing robust, high quality video around the globe to a wide range of devices and networks. By predicting demand and caching content on servers throughout the internet, Open Connect can provide video streams to users from nearby network locations - optimizing storage and network efficiency and providing maximum Quality of Experience to our subscribers.

Our CDN Science and Algorithms team is responsible for building models and algorithms to power this system. Our work lies at an exciting intersection of user behavior, content popularity, streaming technology, optimization, and network science - many of our most important research areas are new and unexplored. Example project areas are: predicting demand for new types of content (mobile-optimized, 4k, etc), improving content pre-positioning algorithms by predicting local demand for video streams, and optimizing caching algorithms for efficient use of hardware resources.

We are seeking a Senior Data Scientist with curiosity and passion to join this new team and make a big impact under the hood of the world’s best internet video service.


  • The candidate should be a highly quantitative independent thinker with outstanding communication skills and strong in all or several of the following areas: 
  • Probability and statistics
  • Exploratory data analysis (in R/Python/SQL or similar)
  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Machine Learning
  • Operations research/optimization
  • Ph.D. or equivalent experience in a quantitative field, such as statistics, operations research, applied mathematics, engineering or one of the hard sciences.
  • 2+ years experience applying statistical models in real-world situations.


  • Model, analyze, and predict the performance of our global CDN
  • Develop content distribution algorithms to maximize video Quality of Experience
  • Work closely with partners including Open Connect engineering teams, data engineers, adaptive streaming and encoding engineers, and financial analyst partners to drive high-impact, cross-functional results