Marketing & PR

Manager - Europe Media Relations


Amsterdam, NLD

The successful candidate for the Media Relations role will likely possess 4-6 years in in-house and/or agency settings. Experience managing an agency or managing a team within an agency is a must. Of particular interest are candidates with backgrounds in retail brands (consumer goods, fashion), media, entertainment who are used to working in a fast-paced environment that requires agility, selflessness and intense focus. Successful candidates should have strong media contacts and ideally have worked across multiple European countries. 

Additionally, this person will be the glue that holds the team together and should have strong cross-functional connections, ultimately becoming a major source of support and fountain of information within the PR team.

To succeed at Netflix, the candidate must also possess the following characteristics:

Demonstrated ability to think innovatively-connecting the dots when others cannot. Able to make the leap from information to insight. Able to identify, nurture and help refine compelling creative ideas and concepts. 

Succinct Communicator 
Great writer and talker. Can organize, summarize, clarify and communicate ideas simply, succinctly and accurately. Has a quick intelligence, is fast on the feet and quickly responds to issues and questions. Doesn't need to "check with the agency" on every issue or for every answer. Says it like it is; not wrapped in 
political niceties. 

Pragmatic, Organized and Detailed 
Has a big capacity to both think and 'do'. Flourishes in a 'hands on' role, adding value at different levels. Is strong on detail and highly organized. 

A Smart Minimalist 
Keeps things simple. Knows that global communications can be made complex---and will resist and prevent that. 

Does not need or desire big budgets for big results. 

Believes one great person on the team is more valuable than 3 to 5 OK people---and wants to be that great person. 

Has a Point of View
An independent thinker willing and able to express and support a point of view. 

Moves at a nice clip and enjoys having multiple projects going at once. Can change course, be scrappy and get things done on short timeframes. 

Fluent in English, French; ability to speak/write Spanish and/or Italian.

Available for traveling in Europe. Frequent trips to the US are expected.

An Adult 
Is a mature, fully-formed adult with a happy, well balanced life. Is motivated by what is best for Netflix. 

The Manager of Europe Media Relations will report to the Director, Global Media Relations and work closely with the Senior Manager, Europe Media Relations in day-to-day responsibilities.